I don't know, I feel like I realized on my third re-watch that as soon as it makes with the "ONE YEAR LATER" screen at the end of Season Two, it's pretty much all downhill. Except, of course, for the Galactica's jump into atmo. For me that's the show's last true crowning moment of fuck yeah before they start having… » 8/21/14 4:45pm 8/21/14 4:45pm

I don't think I fully appreciated The Giver until I read Beth Povinelli's essay on Ursula K. Le Guin's "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas." There's a lot of interesting overlap between The Giver and Le Guin's short story, and Povinelli does a fantastic job making some really timely connections. While most of the… » 8/15/14 10:32am 8/15/14 10:32am

Rah rah humanism or whatever aside, there are a lot of factors that LGBT relationships deal with that straight ones do not (and vice versa). For that matter, there are really important differences between L and G and B and T relationships. It might all be the "same love" or whatever happens to be the… » 8/12/14 7:18am 8/12/14 7:18am

Also, the wigs on that show are unforgivably bad. Ollie's "Island Hair" in the first season made him look like a rejected Muppet, and while it was (sort of) cleared up in Season Two, by then we had poor Sarah walking around with an atomic blonde rat's nest. » 7/01/14 4:01pm 7/01/14 4:01pm

Just today over lunch I watched the "Rascals" episode of TNG for the first time (I had a haphazard viewing of TNG as a kid, so now I'm watching the whole series in order). In that episode, some Ferengi board the Enterprise and almost succeed at enslaving the crew of the Enterprise, only to be stopped by children. » 6/03/14 10:14am 6/03/14 10:14am

The fact that I can't say First Class was at all a bad movie despite their butchering one of the best written, easiest-to-play-up villains/antiheroes/heroes in the Marvel Universe is a credit to the fact that that movie had some incredible flaws, and yet rose above most of them. » 5/14/14 6:18pm 5/14/14 6:18pm